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WholeSale Direct
My Own Spree (MOS) - Your Private Spree Service!

Created specially for bulk buyers/resellers/spree organisers who would like to purchase items from Taiwan.

< Your private spree minus the hassle of having to deal with overseas suppliers,
cross-border payments and cumbersome shipping procedures because we take care of these for you >

Minimum 10 items to use
My Own Spree service
No agent fees
Package delivered right to
your doorstep
Buy anything from any Taiwan
shop you can find online
Buy from Taiwan shops who do
not sell/ship overseas
Combine items from different
Prompt ordering to minimise
chances of items selling out
Ships direct to your desired location at low shipping rates
(simply fill out order form by following example provided within)
Ordering Requirements * Minimum purchase of 10 items to use this service AND
  • Purchase any item (except special bid items) from any seller/shop
  • Combine items from different sellers/shops to accumulate at least 10 items
  • Pay domestic delivery fee (for delivery to Taiwan office)
    [ Note: Some sellers provide free domestic delivery ]
Item Price, Currency, Payment Terms & Options
  • 1st Payment: Item Value + Service Fee
  • 2nd Payment: Shipping Charges
  • Payment in Singapore Dollars (SGD) only
  • All charges associated with sending/remitting the payment to us will have to be borne
    by buyer/customer
  • ATM Transfer (Singapore only)
  • Internet Banking (Singapore only)
  • PayPal (Overseas, Processing fees applicable)
  • Debit/Credit Cards (Overseas, Processing fees applicable)
Service Fees
No agent fees! The more you buy, the more you save!
Pricing Tier
Service Fee per Item
Item Price Calculator
(A) 10 ~ 14 Items
My Own Spree Calculator
(Microsoft Excel format)
Contact Us for prices
(B) 15 ~ 29 Items
(C) 30 ~ 49 Items
contact us for quote
(D) 50 ~ 69 Items
contact us for quote
(E) 70 ~ 99 Items
contact us for quote
* Service Fee for free gifts from sellers/shops is charged at SGD0.50 - SGD1.00 / item.
* Any change is subjected to seller's/shop's terms & conditions.

Shipping Options & Charges in SGD, Delivery Lead-times

(external links)

Please contact us
Please contact us
Package Insurance You are encouraged to opt for insurance coverage to ensure compensation will be given
in the event that a package is lost during transit to country of destination
Some Sellers/Shops To Consider

We have listed some online shops here for your consideration.

Feel free to use our service to buy from other online sellers which are not listed as well.

Estimated Waiting Time

Different sellers/shops have different stock replenishment duration;
This usually range between 1-8 weeks;
Further information available at seller's/shop's site.

Note: This is beyond Fashion Diva's control

Terms & conditions
  1. No cancellation/changing of items allowed once order has been confirmed and paid.
  2. Amending of order is allowed IF
    (1) Item has sold out AND/OR
    (2) Seller/Manufacturer has discontinued a product AND/OR
    (3) Adding of items (subject to seller's/shop's discretion).
  3. Should you wish to cancel your order for any reason after making payment (except for reasons related to seller/shop), Fash!on D!va will impose a SGD5.00 administrative charge and refund the rest of your payment.
  4. If total number of items falls below the pricing tier due to supplier's reasons, we will proceed to charge service fee for the minimum number of items for that particular tier (i.e. If service fee pricing tier is $2.80/item and your order falls below 10 items, we will still charge $2.80 per item)
  5. All items advertised at suppliers' website are subjected to their terms and conditions and buyers are deemed to have agreed to their terms and conditions upon placing a My Own Spree order with Fash!on D!va.
  6. Fash!on D!va acts as an intermediary to purchase these items on your behalf from the sellers/shops and shipping these to your desired destination hence will not take responsibility for any incorrect items (delivered by sellers), defects or flaws.
  7. Should any exchange be required, buyer/customer will have to bear the full shipping costs to ship item from origin to destination & vice versa.
  8. Buyers are advised to exercise their own discretion when purchasing items from sellers/shops online.
  9. Fash!on D!va general terms & conditions also apply.
  10. All information subject to change without prior notice.
Special remarks
  • We make the purchase on your behalf which means you can also buy from sellers who do not ship overseas
  • We place your order with sellers/shops as soon as we received your payment so as to minimise the chances of items going out of stock ^

^ Not applicable to limited time special offer items
^ Please expect some delays in placing of orders 2-3 days before and during festive holidays in
Singapore and Taiwan

Order Process Flow
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